DSA Part 6: Arrays

Static and dynamic arrays, vectors in STL, trapping rainwater, window sliding, prefix sum

2 min read

DSA Part 5: Recursion

Basic of recursion, PMI, tail recursion, pow(x,n), subset, powerset, count and sum of integer, is_sorted(), fibonacci series, factorial, first and last index of a number

14 min read

DSA Part 4: Pointers & Preprocessors

Pointers, pointer arithmetic, character array, double pointer, typecasting, reference variables, dynamic allocation,preprocessors, macros, define, const and global variables, inline functions

17 min read

Intro to ML Part 1: Introduction

Installing and uninstalling Anaconda, Jupyter Keybindings, basics of python, os, requests, sys, pwntools

33 min read

DSA Part 3: Bit Manipulation

binary numbers, msb, lsb, unsigned and signed 32-bits int, 2’s complement, bitwise operators, some common bitwise operators

17 min read

Intro To Stock Market

common myths, dividend vs interests, types of orders, ipo, fso, bottom up/down, lower/upper circuit, promoter, sebi, nifty, sensex

1 min read

DSA Part 2: Mathematics

Number sequences, extended euclidean algorithm, prime factorization, sieve of eratosthenes, lcm , gcd

22 min read

DSA Part 1: Introduction

Asymptotic notation, big-oh time complexity, space complexity, complexity Graph, possible verdicts

2 min read

Project Euler

Python solutions to first 100 problems on Project Euler

9 min read

Google Hashcode 2022

C++ Solutions to Google Hashcode Online Qualification Round, 2022.

33 min read

NLTH Wipro 2022

All of the submissions for Elite NLTH, February 2022.

9 min read