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Interview Prep: DevOps

  • Explain HEAD.
  • Explain tags.
  • Explain staging area.
  • Explain git cherry-pick, git reflog, git bisect, git stash, git diff and git blame.
  • –soft vs –mixed –hard reset.
  • Pull vs fetch.
  • Diff vs git status.
  • Reset vs revert.
  • Rebase vs merge.
  • What are git conflits and how to resolve them ?
  • How to squash multiple commits into a single commit ?
  • How to revert a commit ?
  • Amending pushed/unpushed commit.
  • Virtualization vs containerization.
  • Can a paused/running container be removed from docker ?
  • Container vs images.
  • Dockerfile and docker-compose.
  • Docker client, host, hub and registry.
  • Lifecycle of docker container.
  • Docker commands.
  • Logging in docker.
  • Attached and detached mode.
  • How to control usage of POD ?
  • What is PDB ?
  • Expalin Kubernetes Load Balancing.
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