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Interview Prep: React

  • Explain and demonstrate [useState, useRef, useEffect, useMemo, useContext].
  • Is JS statically or dynamically typed language?
  • Is Babel a compiler or a transpiler ?
  • What does webpack do in a CRA project ?
  • Why do we use state in react ?
  • Re-render component when browser is resized.
  • Prevent re-rendering of child components, when parent component is updated.
  • Explain side-effects in react components.
  • Uncontrolled vs controlled components.
  • How to debug infinte rendering loop(useEffect, memo and profiler) ?
  • Keys in react and why index of array shouldn’t be used as a key ?
  • Some techniques to optimize React app.
  • Render a simple component with and without using JSX.
  • Advantages of virtual DOM ?
  • Props in react.
  • MVC vs MVT.
  • Functional components vs Class components.
  • What is a pure component in react and can functional componcomponentent be pure ?
  • How to avoid prop drilling ?
  • Pass data form parent->child and child->parent.
  • Styling a react component.
  • Conditional chaining in react.
  • Need of are Higher Order Components ?
  • Pros and cons(componentDidCatch(), getDerivedStateFromError()) of hooks.
  • React router and its major components.
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