DSA Part 6: Arrays

Static and dynamic arrays, vectors in STL, trapping rainwater, window sliding, prefix sum

2 min read

DSA Part 5: Recursion

Basic of recursion, PMI, tail recursion, pow(x,n), subset, powerset, count and sum of integer, is_sorted(), fibonacci series, factorial, first and last index of a number

14 min read

DSA Part 4: Pointers & Preprocessors

Pointers, pointer arithmetic, character array, double pointer, typecasting, reference variables, dynamic allocation,preprocessors, macros, define, const and global variables, inline functions

17 min read

Intro to ML Part 1: Introduction

Installing and uninstalling Anaconda, Jupyter Keybindings, basics of python, os, requests, sys, pwntools

33 min read

DSA Part 3: Bit Manipulation

binary numbers, msb, lsb, unsigned and signed 32-bits int, 2’s complement, bitwise operators, some common bitwise operators

17 min read

Intro To Stock Market

common myths, dividend vs interests, types of orders, ipo, fso, bottom up/down, lower/upper circuit, promoter, sebi, nifty, sensex

1 min read

DSA Part 2: Mathematics

Number sequences, extended euclidean algorithm, prime factorization, sieve of eratosthenes, lcm , gcd

22 min read

DSA Part 1: Introduction

Asymptotic notation, big-oh time complexity, space complexity, complexity Graph, possible verdicts

2 min read

Project Euler

Python solutions to first 100 problems on Project Euler

9 min read

Google Hashcode 2022

C++ Solutions to Google Hashcode Online Qualification Round, 2022.

33 min read

NLTH Wipro 2022

All of the submissions for Elite NLTH, February 2022.

9 min read

Sorting Codemonk Hackerearth

Sorting is a process of arranging items in ascending or descending order. This process can be implemented via many different algorithms. You will be learning about various types sorting algorithms.

2 min read

C++ Ladder 5 a2oj

Solutions to some random Codeforces problems [B Div 2]

16 min read

Arrays & Strings Codemonk Hackerearth

An array is a sequential collection of variables of same data type. It stores data elements in a continuous memory location. A string is a sequence of characters.

5 min read

30 Days of Code Hackerrank

Solutions to HackerRank 30 Days Of Code from Day 00 to 09 in C, C++, JS, Java, Python and Swift.

133 min read

C++ Ladder 4 a2oj

Solutions to some random Codeforces problems [A Div 2]

12 min read

Figuring Out: NFT and DeFi

Figuring out all buzz about these neo blockchain technologies. Evaluating their present and future(if they have one).

4 min read
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Cypherock internship tasks using trezor-firmware

Shamir Secret Sharing Alogithm in C, generating BIP39 Seed using 24 bip mnemonics, To derive public key, private key, chain node and reciever and change address for Bitcoin Testnet, To sign an unsigned bitcoin testnet transaction. To sign a raw Ethereum (Ropsten) transaction.

3 min read
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